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History of Atsumitec

April, 1949 Mr.Tetsuo Atsumi, the first company President, initiates his own business of manufacturing motorcycle parts as a partner plant of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
April, 1954 The business was converted into a corporation with a capital of 100 million yen.
Company name changed to Atsumi Manufacturing, Co., Ltd.
May, 1973 Expand business, head office was moved to the Yutou factory for a better work environment.
April, 1974 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. becomes a major shareholder of Atsumitec. Capital increased to 9,600 million yen.
Sept., 1991 Company name changed from Atsumi Manufacturing, Ltd. to Atsumitec Co., Ltd.
Mar., 1993 Capital increased to 28,000 million yen
Mar., 1994 Technical agreement with GHSP in United States.
July, 1994 ATSUMITEC(THAILAND) CO.,LTD. is established in Thailand.
Dec., 1995 ADA TECHNOLOGIES INC. is established in U.S.A..
Mar., 1999 ISO9001 certification acquired.
Apr., 1999 Technical agreement with FICO TRIAD, S.A. in Spain.
Mar., 2000 ISO14001 certification acquired.
Jan., 2001 Capital increased to 31,000 million yen.
Mar., 2001 Technical agreement with Kamran Engineering Industries in Pakistan.
July, 2001 Technical agreement with Joyu-Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
Nov., 2001 PT. ATSUMITEC INDONESIA is established in Indonesia.
Apr., 2002 Technical agreement with Laguna Metts Corporation in Philippines.
Sept., 2004 Motorcycle part technical agreement with Atlas Honda (Pakistan).
June, 2005 ATSUMITEC VIETNAM CO., LTD. is established in Vietnam.
Sept., 2005 ATSUMITEC (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD is established in Hong Kong.
Oct., 2005 ATSUMITEC (FOSHAN) CO.,LTD. is established in China.
Nov., 2012 ATSUMITEC & HAYASHI (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. is established in Thailand.
Jan., 2013 Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho Rus LLC is established in Russia.
May., 2013 Head office was moved to Takaokanishi naka-ku, hamamatsu-shi.